Friday, December 15, 2006

Coffee Bean's Honey Dew Ice Blended


I had this a while back ago and liked it a lot. Coffee Bean's Honey Dew Ice Blended really does give you a delightful mouthfull of honey dewey taste in a cool sensation chilling feel. The cream topping also gives it a nice rich body. Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, 2006.


Omni said...

That looks GOOD!!

Um... don't you read my blog any more? :-(

Kervin said...

Hi Omni, X worry I still visit your blog often, interesting writing. Just shifted to the new blogger beta template and lo and behold my settings went for a total overhaul. I'm still searching through my old code and slowly building the messed up parts so x worry, the daily read is the next to be fixed with your blog link up there, now if I've only had some time lately sigh. Even my comment code went bye bye still trying to find out how to place it back

Omni said...

Ahhhhhh, Blogger Beta, of course; it eats some of everyone's code during the transfer, apparently. I'm glad you're still popping by my blog. :-)