Friday, September 17, 2004

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The Phantom strikes again
Dante’s Equation review
Alexander : Let’s stop the gay issue all right already?
The Last Juror review
Book Review : Angels and Demons
The Terminal : a review
House of Blue Mangoes review
SIM-ply amazing
Cartoons versus animes
Street Photography: Intrusive or art?

Unprecedented and without warning?
What happened in Penang?
Merry Christmas to all!
Pok Ku: Malaysia's best Blog
Invasions of the mums
Penang lost?
Save the Zoo!
1 year license renewal period? NOT!
Chinese wedding dinner facts
Happy Deepavali message
Festive shopping scene
What would you do with a 1 sen coin?
20 reasons to avoid Malaysian motorists
Malaysian ghost inventory
English down the loo
Datukship woes: a brief interview
Degrees for sale
Medical malpractice
Travelling by the ECE
Flying on a budget: Air Asia
Good luck to all PMR sitters!
Actions by Berita Harian on Blog
Happy moon cake festival everyone!
Morality rules?
Campus elections anyone?

Personal Happenings
Puppy mayhem
The Tong yin fiasco
23 years old and still ticking on
Of suicide jumpers and lost STPM certs
Unobservant eye
Sales, sales and more book sales
Laura’s Gift : With Love
Strike and strike out
Surprise birthday shopping
Bombed something nasty today
Presenting the Toilet Club members
Business venture recruitment
Name that Pup Contest!
The New Guy and the New Mum
Problems with custom officers
True ghostly encounters
An unexpected re-acquaintance
New mum in the house!
Haloscan comments implementation
Feast for thought
Mohd. Zaki
Johleen Koh
Tang Sui Sieng
Get Well soon dear!
Lim Chen Fong
Bobita Golam
Ong Ghee Siew
A small achievement! (For me at least)
Cute Lady
Self portrait
Inaugural post

Photo contest submission
i-gizmo: Kitchen
i-gizmo submission: Shoes
i-gizmo submission: Cups
i-gizmo challenge : Book

Lensday: Blue
Lensday: Festive
Lensday: Repetition

Moody Monday
Moody Monday: Old
Moody Monday: Cozy
Moody Monday: Crushed
Moody Monday: Festive

Photo Friday
Photo Friday: Best of 2004
Photo Friday: Tacky
Photo Friday: Abandoned
Photo Friday : Reflection
Photo Friday : Prosperity
Photo Friday : Patterns
Photofriday entry : Family
Photofriday Entry : Radiant
Photo Friday Entry: Still Life
Photo Friday: Unexpected
Photo Friday entry: Jump

Sunday Shoot
Sunday Shoot: Angel
Sunday Shoot: Fear
Sundayshoot: Beauty

Theme Thursday
Theme Thrusday: Toys
Thursday Challenge: Container
Theme Thursday: Light
Theme Thursday: Animal
Theme thursday : Round
Theme Thursday : Everyday things
Theme Thursday : Windows

Poems and Songs
Birthday wishes
Have a care

Thoughts on Life
The End
Of coffee shops, dumb witted patrons, phone reloads and insolent drivers!
Jottings of an atheist
December crossings
World AIDS Day
Mandarin? Sorry I’m a ‘xiang jiao ren’
Iris Chang’s passing
First sight
Confessions of a Blogger
A salute to childhood junk food
Another close call for the US?
Libraries outdated?
The masks people put on
I hate Tuesdays
Historically speaking
It's raining again!
Digging up a treasure trove
Empty feelings

Kopi-O satu!
Sungai Lembing chronicles
Cinemas : Relics of Kuantan

Cheong Fatt Tze mansion
Entrance guard
Sacred verses
Where in the world in Penang Part 1

Of kids, friends and books!
At work
People feature

Petaling Street
End note
Old and new
Curious trade
The many facets of Petaling Street
Petaling Street

Until we meet again, Philippines
Culturally speaking
Getting around
An afternoon at the cockfights
Of beer bottles and horses
Entertainingly yours!
Extraordinary people
Of Colonization, oppression and freedom
Heritage sites and beyond
State of the seas
Where does the future lead?

TAR Marine Park : Sapi Island
TAR Marine Park : Manukan Island
Karambunai beach
Long break and Raya happenings
Rugged country
Survivor anyone?
Standing at the edge
Dawn breaks
Forgotten world
Lower Kinabatangan
A climb up the mountain

Incoming storm
A bicycle

University Antics
Back to classes
UMS, Bukit Orang Bunian

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